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Why is WHY so important?

  For most co-founders it seems quite obvious what a company is meant to be doing, why it was created. They share a vision, a mission and the values of the organization. It’s often very clear to each one of them what should be done in the current year and even the next year. They […]

How empowering people makes you stronger.

It may not be an obvious thing for everyone, yet I often notice during my Sauna mentoring sessions that leaders are frequently challenged with loneliness and lack of support from their management teams or shareholders. As much as this situation is very common for founders, there are a few simple steps everyone can follow to […]

Interview with Corey Haines – Head of Growth at Baremetrics

Few days ago, at the Pipeline Summit Conference, I had a chance to meet with one of the keynote speakers, Corey Haines from Baremetrics. His company gives the metrics, dunning, and engagement tools you need to grow and make profitable decisions for your SaaS business. It also allows to connect your payment processor or subscription […]

Give Me F.U.E.L! – for challenging conversations

Life doesn’t always need a framework. Actually, in most cases, implementing one equals artificiality and an approach that is very formal. This is associated more with corporates, heavy industry or science where doing things ‘by the book’ is most common. These were also my initial thoughts when I first heard of F.U.E.L. during a workshop […]

Managing People Out

Inspired by people I talk with during SaunaGrow meetings and followed by personal experience of how hard it is to let people go, I’ve decided to share with you thoughts on Managing People Out. Some time ago, I had a chance to spend a few days with Jason & Michael on a leadership workshop in […]

Don’t automate too soon!

Can you think of a cooler trend in business recently than AI, ML and generally: automation? Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and all types of ‘big scaling’ is something that seems to be a vital part of the ‘pitching bingo’. Most startups are proud to be including these while trying to convince investors to join their […]