• Why 100% goes to charity?

    We want to share the good, and that’s why all revenue generated from the first SaunaGrow meeting is donated to the hospice movement. Any following meetings with that Mentor (should both sides decide it’s worth it) will be priced & charged separately.

  • I can‘t or don’t want to go to sauna

    That’s ok. It’s a preferred way to meet, but we can also meet in a cafe if that works better for you. Key here is support for charity and the actual help of the chosen Mentor to your business. Saunas is something we love and believe can support creative process. But it’s not a must.

  • Wouldn’t such meeting disturb other sauna users?

    We make sure it does not. Founder of SaunaGrow is a Saunamaster himself and he’s very focused on following all rules of proper sauna use. That means that discussions can only happen when there is no one else in the sauna. Luckily our Aqua Spa partner has plenty of available saunas and we can always find a quiet spot for a heated & creative discussion.

  • Who are SaunaGrow Mentors?

    We’re working with a mix of successful entrepreneurs and specialists in their fields. Together they posses skills needed to scale up most of businesses. Going global, growing big. This is what they’ve all done and they can support you on your way to the success.

  • What’s your speciality?

    SaunaGrow is focusing on helping businesses that can grow big. Go global, scale up non linearly.  SaunaGrow Mentors did it and they want to help you doing the same.

  • Do you have more questions?

    Contact us via this form and we will be happy to answer them.